The events are mostly the same as the books, except: Different muggleborns got petrified by the Basilisk; Sirius did not die (an original died instead); Fred is alive (saved by Eliza); Ginny left Harry for an original Slytherin.


The first Dodecawizard Tournament is hosted at Firenze Academy (6 schools, 2 champions each). All sixth and seventh Hogwarts students attend Firenze for most of the year. Salem won.


The Diagon Alley Fiasco. A festival to celebrate the fall of the Dark Lord was attacked by Giovanna. Three shops destroyed, around 30 casualties, and many injured.


Britain goes to war with Italy for various political reasons. The National Defense Squad was created (which was more offense than defense). Conscription happened in 2004-2005. The war ended with no victor.


The Battle for Hermione. Giovanna Nero and 7 others (later known as the founding members of Mortenero) attacked Hogwarts to kidnap Hermione Granger. They were successful and there were a few casualties (some by other staff and students taking advantage of the chaos).


The Dodecawizard Tournament is hosted by Beauxbatons. All Hogwarts sixth + seventh years attend Beauxbatons for most of the year.


The Assassination. Harry Potter assassinated Ministry Thawley. Or so it seemed. In reality, it was Giovanna Nero who orchestrated this with many allies. However, that is not public knowledge (public knowledge is that Harry is framed (but not by whom) but that wasn't revealed until 8 years later). His public image is forever tarnished by this event.


Giovanna is pardoned by her crimes with proof that it was someone else stealing her identity (public knowledge, but not the truth). Harry Potter was imprisoned for assassinating the Minister. He was rescued by Sirius Black, Katie Bell and an original a few months later, but suffered repercussions of the Dementors for a couple of years. Was nursed back to health by Daphne Greengrass.


Harry Potter is a fugitive from the law. He also married Katie Bell during this time. Eliza Cunningham & Ron Weasley take over the Order of the Phoenix.


It is now illegal for Purebloods to marry/pro-create with non-purebloods. Any current marriages are now null and void (this is reversed in 2011).


Harry Potter creates The Red Capes, first recruiting from within Hogwarts, later recruiting adults who are a little more morally grey than the Order.


Harry Potter is revealed to have been at Hogwarts all along, polyjuicing as Eliza Cunningham (public knowledge is without her permission, she was found in a chest like Moody, but reality was that it was with her permission). Giovanna Nero arrives with the Ministry and the two forces battle to arrest him. Harry Potter escapes.


The Dodecawizard Tournament is hosted in Augustine (Australia) and won by a Durmstrang student. All Hogwarts sixth + seventh years attend most of the year in Augustine.


An Arranged Marriage Program is created by the Ministry. It is optional and for purebloods to match with others (especially from different countries) to keep the magic strong. It is disbanded in 2011.


Muggleborn extremist Caroline Greysmark holds the Ministry hostage when she found out about and took the wizarding plague they had quarantined in the Department of Mysteries. If any pureblood steps into the Ministry, it will be released (and that person spontaneously combusts). All purebloods are fired from the Ministry or secretly consulting from a distance. The trap is not public knowledge until years later.


Eliza Cunningham & Hermione Granger tirelessly work on a cure for the plague. They elect the help of Draco Malfoy as well, who is an Unspeakable. They create it, but it only works if the plague is in one's system. They release the plague and administer the cure at the same time, worldwide. Only hermits or those unable to contact civilization for weeks perished (approximately 1.8% of the wizarding population).


The Battle of Hogsmeade is orchestrated by Caroline Greysmark. She sends notices to the members of the Order, Mortenero, and Red Capes to lure them there and cursed the area to make them more aggressive. There were no casualties (but many injuries) but many friendships between the groups were damaged.


Mortenero disbands. After Caroline Greysmark is defeated, Nero doesn't feel like taking back the country yet again as she grew bored of ruling. She liked the fight. The Order & Red Capes also disband, as their only reason for existence was to stop her and Mortenero.


The Unbelievers are founded by Five Kerr, Willem Tuinstra, and an original Ravenclaw. They are based on the principles of getting the truth out to the public as the Ministry has proven to be corrupt, even when they have someone good in power.


The Anonymous is formed by some senior members of Mortenero. They aim to push pureblood beliefs in secret, slowly without too much of a splash so no one will investigate or suspect they exist. Most do not know the other members of the group - only whoever recruited them or if they are assigned a mission with someone.


The Unbelievers publish their first issue of the Daily Citizen - a grassroots paper aiming to tell the public the real truth that the Daily Prophet cannot due to Ministry censorship. It is banned at Hogwarts, which makes it even more popular.


The Dodecawizard Tournament is hosted at Dahshur Academy (in Egypt). It is won by a Dahshur student (the first time the host school won the tournament). All Hogwarts sixth & seventh years attend Dahshur for most of the year.


The Polyjuice Fiasco happens at Hogwarts. During a regular meal, many students' drinks were spiked with Polyjuice Potion and they turned into various villains from the past. There were no casualties, but many injuries and frightened students. The House-Elves were also shaken by whatever happened in the Kitchens. In the chaos, some things went missing, including the Sorting Hat. A few months later, Eliza Cunningham became the first muggleborn Headmistress of Hogwarts.


The Sorting Scarf is first used, in replacement of the missing Sorting Hat. It does not talk, but changes to the colour of the chosen House.


The Unbelievers change their name to Liberamach and take over Edinburgh Castle as their headquarters. They become more rebellious than just speaking the truth. In 2017, the Ministry raids their headquarters in the Battle of Edinburgh and kills their leader, Five Kerr. They deny this, but this only ignites the fire and many more join Liberamach, even Ministry employees. Liberamach scatters and is mobile, having to find a new headquarters again.


An unknown force starts to kill anyone worldwide with magic. Hogwarts, Yester Castle (the new Liberamach headquarters), and Holt Castle (the main castle for the Ministry) are set up with large protective enchantments. Adults are forced to choose a castle to live in once more, just like their Hogwarts years. Hogwarts builds a common room and various dormitories for the adults staying there. The force disappears without a reason why. No country has taken responsibility for stopping it.


Durmstrang hosts the Dodecawizard Tournament. All Hogwarts sixth + seventh years attend Durmstrang for most of the year.


A Civil War breaks out between the Ministry and Liberamach. Eventually, both the wizarding world and the muggle world host referendums for the independence of Scotland. Both pass. Liberamach creates a new system of government for Scotland with many more elected officials by the public than the Ministry has so there is far less corruption. Hogsmeade also becomes a city-state as the Ministry does not want it to be under the control of the WGOS (Wizarding Government of Scotland).


Eliza Cunningham hosts a Muggleborn Festival in Hogsmeade before the start of term. All Hogsmeade residents, Hogwarts faculty, muggleborn students and their families are invited. Giovanna releases Pandora's Box (which is closer to a vase), releasing many ancient curses into the air. Each person is affected by a different one. There are a few casualties and many injuries. Eventually the curses dissipate into the air, but anyone outside in Hogsmeade was affected.


A new prophecy is told by Waters Lee to Eliza Cunningham. It tells of Giovanna Nero rising up and encompassing the world in flames. Only the offspring of her biggest enemy (Eliza) can stop her.